Informative videos about vaccines you should really watch!

Vaccination Side Effects

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It’s more important to watch these informative videos about vaccines and their side effects than almost anything you can do today. Just take your time and inform yourself. (Please click on the following screenshot)

Aluminum is toxic to all life forms: The case against aluminum in vaccines. Suzanne Humphries, MD

Read this article and/or watch the following video!

The following video got censored. Under the assumption to stop the spreading of misinformation they censor everything the vaccine industry doesn’t like. The vaccine industry pays billions in advertising money, and is using their influence to bend the narrative to their gusto.

You can still listen to the podcast below, and consider if it is justified to censor information like this.

The content of the interview (Del Bigtree and Dr. Luján) about the vaccinated sheep study as podcast:

(Please click on the link or screenshot above to watch the video!) The Vaxxed bus makes a special stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana to talk to Independent Researcher Marcella Piper-Terry about Merck’s Gardasil vaccine. Interview by Polly Tommey and camera by Joshua Coleman and Anu Vaidya with editing by Joshua Coleman.

More videos about vaccines and their side effects


The Leon Show – Vaccines and our Children

The Leon Show Season 6 Episode 79

Guest: Dr. Suzanne Humphries Description: Leon is joined by Dr. Suzanne Humphries who shares her research and knowledge on the controversial topic of vaccines.

‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’ the Most Controversial Film in America Launches a Nationwide Bus Tour on August 6th (PRNewsFoto/Cinema Libre Studio)

(Click on the VAXXED bus or the link!)

This is the movie you should watch! Afterwards you can still make up your mind…

Dr. James Neuenschwander – CDC ACIP – February 26, 2020

One of the rare occasions where a doctor speaks up and it is telling. If you need proof that at least some doctors do know about vaccine adverse events, just watch this video of Dr. James Neuenschwander – CDC ACIP – February 26, 2020.

Obviously Dr. Neuenschwander is doing the right thing because the pharmaceutical industry already started to smear him:


The Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine.

The award winning documentary: Sacrificial Virgins – so named because the vaccine is often given to girls before they become sexually active – exposes increasing evidence of serious neurological damage following the HPV injections. It calls for the vaccine to be withdrawn in the hope that this will help to halt another global tragedy.

Informative videos about vaccines you should really watch!

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