HPV Vaccine injury vacation from hell!

Vaccine Injury Vacation from Hell

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Just in case that you don’t know yet, our son got injured by the HPV vaccine. If you haven’t read the first part of his/our story, please follow this link.

This is a story about how a tiny jab can change your whole life.

So why did our son get the HPV vaccine in the first place?

As parents you normally want the best for your kids. For many years we thought that vaccines have no side effects, and they are good to protect yourself and others. That’s what we got told, and we believed it.

When you experience some minor health problems, and your believe system tells you that vaccines are good, your are just not able to see any connection.

Until something really bad happens you might think that you are just getting older, or didn’t get enough sleep, or had too much stress and so on…

When you consider yourself to be an open-minded person with a heart and social conscience it is very easy to make you believe that vaccines are a good thing.

Much, much later we came to realize that many minor ailments did often start days, weeks or months after a vaccination.

So, when we saw TV ads about why boys should also get the HPV vaccine, we were just gullible enough to believe them. 

Our trust in the medical profession was still unshakable.

HPV Vaccine injury vacation from hell!

Many people do not even know that they have a vaccine injury, but if they would monitor more carefully when their permanent migraine, hypertension, rashes, muscle pain, joint pains, etc. started, they would see the possible link, even  though there are admittedly also other diseases causing similar symptoms.

In this respect I would like to start with an important statement… My goal is not to take away your believe in modern medicine or vaccines, I just would like to give you a heads-up, so that you are aware when the same or similar vaccine injuries happen to you or your loved ones. In this case they happened to our family, in particular to our son.

Now we actually have to live with many permanent vaccine induced health implications – and we don’t know if we will ever be able to get back to normal again.

As I wrote in the first part of our story, Quentin, our tennis playing son experienced various really bad side effects after the HPV vaccination, but fortunately got better after several months. 

To get better he did follow a very strict diet, and took many dietary supplements. Everything was coming back to normal after some time, or at least it seemed so. 

Quentin played high level tennis tournaments and was feeling almost healthy again, except for not so severe muscle and joint problems.

Everything was progressing in a positive direction and we thought that we should have some fun in the snow of Colorado after those exceedingly tedious months following the vaccination, where we had at first no clue what was going on. We really thought that we would deserved a nice vacation.

It was still dark outside, when we got into the car full of suitcases for our skiing trip on an early morning in February. The whole family was very excited because we didn’t got skiing for some time, while we are experienced skiers. Quentin was especially excited because he loves every athletic activity more than anything else.

Nothing did indicate the unbelievable dreadful trip that was laying in front of us.

We arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport and had the usual parking spot problems. As a good dad I didn’t want my family to walk 10 minutes to the check-in counters, so I dropped them off, and was looking for a parking spot. It took me more than 15 minutes but finally I found one and was rushing to gather with my family, my wife, our two other kids and Quentin at the airport check-in. Overall it took me around 20 minutes to find a parking spot, and to get back to the airport entrance.

When I was coming closer to the check-in something seemed to be odd. There was a long line but no movement – and where was my family? Suddenly I noticed them standing right in front of the check-in counter. My wife was holding Quentin in her arms which looked weird from afar, because Quentin didn’t hold her. His arms were hanging down like he was very, very tired. When I came closer I saw the terrified facial expression of my wife. I knew immediately that something was utterly wrong.

Running the last meters I noticed that Quentin obviously had fainted. His jeans were wet and he was as pale as you can be. Unfortunately there are no first responders at the FLL airport, and my family did already wait, after my son had fainted, for 15 minutes in front of the counter. Other passengers looked impatient because many of them had obviously a tight schedule.

The check-in personnel didn’t let us wait somewhere else, didn’t even let my son sit down – and did not continue to check-in anyone else. When I arrived I told my son to sit down, no matter what they wanted from us, but he was still feeling really bad. He could barely speak and was the opposite of that excited kid that I had left at the entrance just 20 minutes ago.

It did not get any better. We actually had to wait another 20 minutes in front of everyone until the first responders arrived at the airport. At least they had opened other check-in counters to keep the waiting travelers going.

The paramedics did put my son on a stretcher and told us that they have to check him for signs of a serious condition, before they could let us board our flight. I wasn’t sure if we would even take the flight, and told them that we had only 40 minutes left anyway.

They took his blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, heart rate, etc. and provided an infusion. He already got better and they found nothing alarming. Meanwhile I’ve told them our story since the HPV vaccination in short words. They listened carefully but did not comment on it. After around 15 long minutes they actually cleared Quentin to my surprise for the flight. Quentin, who is Mr. Positivity most of the time said that he wanted to fly, and that there was no way that anyone of our family would stay at home.

We rushed through the gates with some help of the airport security – and were finally happy to enter the plane. 

Vaccine Injury Vacation from Hell
Vaccine Injury Vacation from Hell

HPV Vaccine injury vacation from hell!

After this shock at least the flight to Denver and our drive to our ski resort was going smoothly. The last time we went to the Rocky Mountains we all had headaches. Coming from Miami at sea level, this is kind of normal. This time we had rented a car on our own and had enough time in our schedule, so that we didn’t have to rush to our high altitude destination.

After we arrived at the ski resort, we checked in, got to our apartment, picked up our skis and had an overall great introduction to the resort. It looked like we would have a good time here, despite the bumpy start at the airport in Fort Lauderdale.

Quentin was feeling well again and we went to sleep with a thrill of anticipation for our first day on the slopes tomorrow.

We started on a beginners slope, so that our kids could get used to skiing again. Quentin looked as athletic as always and our two other kids were also starting to feel the groove.

For the whole morning we stayed at the beginners track and decided finally to get up on the mountain, after everybody felt confident enough, but first we had lunch… 🙂

When we went up in a cabin lift, our mood was as high as the mountains. We did choose again a run for beginners, so that we would not overwhelm our kids.

Our daughter went first, Quentin second and his twin brother third. Unfortunately we did not come far! 

Quentin’s twin brother suddenly fell into a staple of packed snow. He was not skiing very fast but the bindings didn’t come off. Immediately he started screaming and shouting in pain. I was there in a few seconds, but I couldn’t calm him down. Because he was crying and screaming snow patrol arrived before we were even able to call someone.

They took off his skis with my help, and told me that his leg was very likely broken.

He had a downhill ride on a stretcher to an emergency room close to our apartment. I was following them as fast as I could.

My wife, Quentin and our daughter were skiing home slowly because they didn’t ski for a while.

Our poor son had broken his shin bone and got a cast. That was it for his skiing trip. The pain, the fear, the anesthesia and the painkillers did not contribute in any way to the fun we were still expecting in the morning of that day.

After hours, when the whole family got to meet again in our apartment, we were still shellshocked.

Nevertheless we made plans about who will stay with him and who could still go skiing in the next days. A terrible night was laying in front of us. The broken leg was causing a lot of pain and there were other problems with a kid that couldn’t go to the bathroom and was not able to sit down with a straight cast covering his whole leg .

As always, we tried to make the best out of it. In the morning it was my turn to go skiing with our two other kids, means Quentin and our daughter.

We took the cabin ski lift, the weather was nice and the snow was powdery. Actually really great conditions. We had fun and got hungry at noon. When Quentin came back from the bathroom I could immediately see that something was wrong.

Quentin told me that he wasn’t feeling well and would like to rest. Since the HPV vaccination things like this happens from time to time. When we were walking back to our apartment he got weaker and weaker. My wife was waiting for us and when we arrived, after a pretty short walk, Quentin got so weak that he had to sit down. He told us with fear in his eyes that it was getting worse. 

Nevertheless we were able to calm him down, and let him rest. Maybe it was a virus or just exhaustion. The second night was getting difficult. Quentin for the first time in his life was panicking. He thought that he was going to die, and actually slept in our bed.

In the morning we were afraid that he could faint again, so I wanted to go to the ER immediately. Unfortunately Quentin was now so weak that he was not able to walk. The ER was in fact just across a small creek, not more than 3 minutes to walk. He said that he couldn’t do it!

I was running to the ER and asked them if they could borrow me the same wheelchair I got when I was there with our other son with the broken leg. They looked at me like I was severely confused but provided the wheelchair immediately.

HPV Vaccine Injury
HPV Vaccine Injury

When I arrived back in the apartment Quentin was in fear that he would choke. He told me that he could not get enough air into his lungs and was breathing heavily. As fast as we could, we made our way to the ER. As always I had to fill out the whole paperwork again, but was able to convince them to give Quentin oxygen before the tedious forms were filled out completely.

The doctors examined him and found that he had high temperature and a very low oxygen level. They tested him for the flu while I told them about his vaccine injury story. They listened carefully and one of the doctors even told me that I was not the first one telling him such a story about the HPV vaccine.

We all waited for the result of the influenza test, while Covid-19 was nothing more than a rumor at that time. The doctors didn’t mention it and I was not asking. Finally they came back and told me that he had contracted influenza type B. They were also asking when we would go home and how. I’ve told them that our trip had just started two days ago but that it was obviously already a disaster.

When we tried to leave the ER, they had to remove the oxygen supply, and Quentin immediately panicked. Never before have I seen him like this. He told me that he would not survive without oxygen. 


I was running for the the doctors, and asked if they could provide a portable Oxygen bottle for him. They did and even ordered a portable ventilation for our apartment.

Again, Quentin couldn’t walk to the apartment and I had to bring him back in the wheelchair. We bought the prescribed medicine and concluded this “wonderful” day.

HPV Vaccine injury vacation from hell!

For the next few days three of us could still go skiing, and our two boys did spent their time in front of a TV in the apartment.

None of us got sick, except for Quentin, until we reached Denver after a very difficult drive back to the airport. Quentin wasn’t sure if he could make it to Denver, couldn’t breathe without additional oxygen and felt very weak again. First we had to organize oxygen and also take care of his brother who wasn’t able yet to use crutches. 

We had to take one step after another. In the morning it felt like that there’s no way that we could make it in time to the airport, but we arrived actually four hours before boarding at 11pm. 

Unfortunately Quentin felt so sick that we decided that I would stay with him in Denver for a few more days, while my wife would take the flight home with our two other kids. We feared that Quentin could faint in the middle of the flight, and we for sure couldn’t bring oxygen on board.

So we decided that my wife, our boy with the broken leg and our daughter would still have the flight home.

With doubts, concerns and tears, we said goodbye to each other.  

Quentin and I had then a very adventurous ride to a nearby hotel… The driver was speeding and almost crashed into another car, because he tried to take a shortcut where it was not allowed.

My wife made it home and unfortunately got then sick too. I was with Quentin in a hotel in Denver and also felt now like having fever. 

After some more days in Denver with problems to find vegan food for Quentin we made it home somehow.

Now Quentin’s symptoms were piling up again.

He felt weak and dizzy for weeks. He had problems breathing, pain all over the body – and the most serious condition, he felt seriously depressed.

He was telling me about out of body experiences and how he would not recognize his arms. He also couldn’t sleep because he experienced fear of death. Then he was exhausted again, like last year when everything had started. 

Normally he was the funny guy in our family, always smiling, always joking. There was nothing left. Now he always looked like a very sad and depressed person. I couldn’t sleep as well, because after all the useless doctor visits we had last year, I felt that nothing and no one could help him.

We had to go through all this again. All the fears for the future of him and also for us as a family. 

Quentin also wanted to play tennis badly, but he couldn’t. 

Would this nightmare ever end?

After another two to three months where we tried many things to help him, he slowly got better again. 

I wrote this in December 2020. More than one and a half years after the HPV vaccination. It’s much better now, but he is still not out of the woods. Sometimes it happens that without any heads-up some more or less serious conditions return. Often during the next day his condition will improve, but there is always this fear that we could face all the severity again.

That’s no fun!

Vaccination can cause all this. It is obvious that it doesn’t happen to everyone, but if it happens, your life will not be the same anymore… you should be aware of that.

PS: The day before I published this article Quentin had a relapse. He was close to fainting, saw white dots everywhere and was walking around like a zombie. In the evening it was gone, but as mentioned in the article it can come back at any moment without any known cause. It’s really frightening.

Part 1 of his story: https://hpv-vaccine-side-effects.com/the-hpv-vaccination-can-cause-very-serious-side-effects-2/

What we did to help our son after the HPV vaccine injury: https://hpv-vaccine-side-effects.com/what-we-did-to-help-our-son/


  1. Thank you for sharing your story and this update. My heart aches. You are making a difference by sharing your experience. You are right, if something does go wrong with vaccination, life can be altered forever.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, our life seems to be changed forever, because there is a lot more to tell about our son’s current health situation.

      There are so many who where less “lucky” and had even lost a child. I’m doing all this to make people aware of what can happen.

  2. I experienced adrenal exhaustion with similar symptoms and chronic fatigue at 17. Over many years I have done much to regain my health and now have 6 healthy children. I recently started using Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal protocol with his adrenal pills and have seen noticeable improvement in energy. His adrenals might be a bit weak, causing the random “crashes”. I well remember the months of being too afraid to sleep or even relax, feeling like I’d die if I did.

  3. Did Quentin’s twin brother get the shot also? Did he escape the vaccine injury?

    • Quentin’s twin brother had similar problems but we didn’t notice in the beginning because he isn’t an athlete.
      Means, when he was tired or feeling dizzy we thought that he would have overused his phone or didn’t sleep well or we tried to find other reasons.
      We also have a daughter and she got the HPV vaccine several years before the boys.
      She also had very similar problems, and still has a few. We went to so many doctors at that time with her, but they couldn’t find anything.
      Now they are all taking the vitamins and all three are significantly better, but unfortunately not yet 100%.

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