What we did to help our son after the HPV vaccination!

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(If you don’t know what happened to our son after the HPV vaccination, please read: https://hpv-vaccine-side-effects.com/the-hpv-vaccination-can-cause-very-serious-side-effects-2/)

Our son’s condition actually improved a lot over the last weeks and we think that it also has something to do with his changed nutrition (see at the end of the article) and the supplements he is taking.

The following supplements seem to work very well. You will notice a difference in a short amount of time. They are not expensive and I am not affiliated to any supplement manufacturer.


6 x CoQ10 – 2 pills in the morning, 2 pills at noon and 2 pills around 4pm – if possible after a meal – https://amzn.to/32MKTP3

(There is also very good more expensive vegetarian CoQ10: https://amzn.to/333cfQZ)

1 x ALGAE OMEGA – 1 pill after breakfast – https://amzn.to/2CCvDcy

1 x L-Carnitine – 1 pill after breakfast – https://amzn.to/356iZ23

1 x Vitamins Emergen-C – 1 packet in a glas of water together with breakfast – https://amzn.to/2X84JTz

1 x Dr. Linus Pauling Multivitamin – 1 pill around 4pm – https://amzn.to/32HNWIf (if not available at Amazon, you can also order it from https://www.vitacost.com/dr-linus-pauling-super-multi-vitamin?)

1 x Alpha-Ketoglutararte – 1 pill around 4pm – https://amzn.to/3h6J3QM

1 x BCAA – 1 pill around 4pm – https://amzn.to/2rxfzGO

1x Swanson Premium Brand Horsetail (Natural Silica) 500mg – during the day – https://amzn.to/2Yewj3j


In other words:

During/after breakfast: 2 x CoQ10, 1 x ALGAE OMEGA, 1 x L-Carnitine, 1 x Vitamins Emergen-C

After lunch: 2 x CoQ10, 1x Natural Silica

Around 4pm: 2 x CoQ10, 1 x Dr. Linus Pauling Multivitamin, 1 x Alpha-Ketoglutararte, 1 x BCAA

Once daily: Recently we added baking soda (1/2 tea spoon) dissolved in a small glas of water (8 ounces). This seems to have an additional positive effect on him.

The baking soda we are using on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Dm92lf

The medical explanation behind that https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321624.php#1

MOST IMPORTANT: CoQ10, Linus Pauling Multivitamin, Vitamins Emergen-C (and B12, if you go vegan).

Why those supplements?

I’ve taken similar supplements and also did similar stuff (ice bath) when I had Fibromyalgia about 17 years ago. Everything got better and better. In the end I felt very good again and this is still the case today. So we tried this for our son and it actually also worked for him.


When buying supplements, make sure they are pharmaceutical grade. Food grade supplements are not regulated…but pharmaceutical supplements are 99% pure.

We also recommend https://labdoor.com for supplement research.


We started to give him less and less meat. Now he is eating mostly vegan and gluten-free. I’m actually vegetarian since almost 40 years and never had a problem of any kind.

Because of the vegan diet we added once a day Solgar Vitamin B12 1000 mcg, 250 Nuggets https://amzn.to/3hbvqA2.

After we’ve watched a documentary (“The Game Changers“) that I highly recommend, we are convinced that kids can grow up with a vegan diet and will not experience any deficiencies, quite the opposite. The documentary is available on Netflix for free and for a small fee on almost every other platform.

We also put more fresh and healthy herbs and spices into our food. We add fresh garlic to almost every dinner. It’s not good for your breath but for sure for your health. Additionally we add e.g. curry wherever it tastes good.

The whole family is now drinking Echinacea Plus tea (https://amzn.to/2O1Jf7M) daily, mixed with 100% lemon juice (Publix) and bit of a regular lemonade 100% mango & tangerine juice (Publix). The tea is supposed to help to detox the body.

Ice bath:

After tennis in the evening he is still having regularly an ice bath for more than 10 minutes. I’m buying two bags of ice and put them in the bathtub, together with cold water, so that his legs are completely covered. In the beginning he didn’t like it at all, now he actually loves it.

We live in Florida. Recently we went to New York and Quentin didn’t feel the cold at all while I was shivering. 🙂

An ice bath is very good for blood circulation and also for detox after a HPV vaccination!
An ice bath is very good for blood circulation and also for detox after a HPV vaccination injury!


Of course I can not guarantee that this will help everyone! This is just a personal experience and it has helped our son. If you are not sure, please ask a specialist whether this could be good for you or not.


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  1. I would start having your son drink Fiji water to detox aluminum. Read Dr Christopher Exleys work on aluminum.

  2. My daughters life was ruined 5 years ago with this vaccine,
    Fiji water has been life changing and I’ve seen it reverse all aluminium toxicity related allergies and disorders.
    My daughter also had the hep a to go to Egypt that year so the same year she had 3 hpv shots she also had 2 hep a shots, the aluminium caused a toxic overload.

  3. Did your son experience any numbness/ tingling in his finger and pain in his forearms? My 16 year old daughter has been recovering since December 2018. It has been a long journey and she is still dealing with the pain in her fingers and forearms as well as anxiety. She spend months on the couch with severe fatigue, headaches, stomachaches, light sensitivity, and many more symptoms. She is frustrated, as we all are. I continue to search for answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She has been going to an integrative medicine doctor as well as a genetic, naturopathic doctor. She is and has been on many supplements including, probiotic, cucumerin, vitamin D + K2, fish oil, B- Complete, Ultra Potent -C, GABA, and others. She is much better than a year ago, but still not herself.
    I am happy to hear that your son is doing better. My thoughts and prayers go out to your son and your family. I know and live the daily struggle.

  4. Please look into Budwig Creme….invented by Joanna Budwig. The way we do it is take 2TBS plain yogurt and 1TBS hempseed oil (she used flaxseed oil…we mix flax, hemp, olive and coconut Oil but mostly use hemp)and some water and blend it with an immersion blender. Praise G we are not dealing with GARDISIL issues but I know someone whose daughter is. We drink this drink just for general health and it seems to help.
    Also please read the Iodine Crisis and another book called The Magnesium Miracle.
    Also please look into Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. Invented by a man named Knott and used with huge success in the 30s and 40s. Suppressed cure? There are still clinics that do it.

  5. Look up doc of detox. Com store & library of free information. Follow Dr. Darrell Wolfe on Instagram & Facebook. He sells nutraceuticals to detox from vaxxes

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