Facts and Lies! Vaccine manufacturers do not earn much money with vaccines?!

Measles Vaccine Facts

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“Facts and Lies” is just debunking single provaxxer or vaccine industry statements that you hear a lot, which are not true. Use them freely in every discussion with uncritical vaccine propaganda followers.

Assertion: Vaccine manufacturers do not earn much with vaccines.


Merck is the producer of vaccines like Gardasil, M-M-R II, RECOMBIVAX HB, PNEUMOVAX 23, etc. (https://www.merck.com/product/vaccines/home.html)

The following statement is from Merck’s investor website:

“Merck will continue to benefit from strong growth across its current key pillars of Oncology, Vaccines, Hospital and Animal Health,…”

(Source: Merck February 5, 2020

For big companies it’s not very difficult to move earnings from one division to another in their annual return report. This is not illegal. More a kind of creative accounting practices.

This means while their annual returns might not show the huge positive impact vaccines actually have they still have to tell the truth to their shareholders, which you can read above.

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