German Athletes and Gardasil

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While doing research to find out what’s going on with my son (who is a tennis player) I’ve stumbled over the following on a German health care message board (

Performance loss, fatigue, tiredness and lack of concentration!

Among the canoe racing athletes in Neumünster and Hamburg two 15-year-old girls experienced already after the first vaccination fatigue and lack of concentration, after the 2nd vaccination loss of power, fatigue and weakness and after the 3rd vaccination significant performance losses (10 to 15 seconds at 500m) connected with abnormal fatigue and muscle aches.

Participation in national and international title fights is endangered.

Are similar side effects noted in other sports?

Additions: Research has shown that among the athletes in Hamburg almost the entire peak performance female junior athletes (15 girls are documented) do have the same symptoms.

Training breakdowns due to exhaustion (with constant training intensity of the past years) and about 10% decrease in performance in the competition (for example the German vice champion: 13.38 sec in the 100m run instead of 12.59 sec) !!!

None of the girls had the HPV vaccine associated with the performance drops. “The last vaccination is already a long time (2-5 months) back,” was the standard response of almost all girls.

Our competition records indicate that only about 1 year after the first vaccination the performance curve seems to be going uphill again.

The question of when the old level of performance the athletes had before the first vaccine input will be restored, or otherwise will be stabilized, can not be answered at the moment.

But we now can already make a statement.

Three athletes, including the German Vice-Champion of 2006, have ended their competitive sports career in frustration. Unfortunately!

Where the state of fitness gets exactly determined, the body responses to the vaccine input may be highlighted more clearly and objectively than in a mere well-being environment.

Even the girl’s blood tests did not indicate a significant illness; as in the death in Austria.

Greetings Heinz-Werner”

I highly recommend for all athletes and parents to watch the video with Independent Researcher Marcella Piper-Terry about Merck’s Gardasil vaccine:

This is a screenshot from the original entry on the German website:

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