Mosquito Spraying — the next outrageous health threat?!

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Mosquito Spraying — the next outrageous health threat?!

Recently I’ve noticed a sore throat all the time, while I’m generally not sick, and very active, also really healthy, eating only the best food that you can buy. So I was pretty curious where my constantly sore throat is coming from.

There’s also a weird smell in the air all the time since a few months. Not everyone in my family can smell it but four of us five do experience the sore throat.

After doing some research I’ve found out that the local administration has started to spray against mosquitos much more intensively in recent months.

They do it via airplanes and trucks.

“Miami-Dade starts spraying against mosquitoes”

“If you see a fumigation truck driving, try to stay within 100 feet.”

You’ll find that they are spraying at least weakly in certain areas.

Their website shows  We want to enhance your quality of life and reduce the possibility of mosquito-transmitted disease.”

“Larvicide treatments are conducted using truck-mounted equipment to apply the organic pesticide Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, which eliminates mosquitoes in the larval stage.”

Sounds as harmless as expected.

It thought it might be a good idea to look into it.

That’s what I’ve found.

The stuff that they are spraying is called VectoBac.

The producer BioSciences is classifying it as a “Biological Larvicide”.

The main ingredient (37.4%) is supposedly a natural bacillus “Bacillus thuringiensis” but it also contains, not further specified, “insecticidal toxins”.

“Other ingredients”, which are also not specified, make up 62.6%… which is a lot, but they obviously don’t have to tell anyone what it is.

The amount of warnings in their product insert is pretty short. (Whoever got paid to approve this, is for sure well off now.)

An older safety sheet for VectoBac shows a much different picture.

“This chemical is a pesticide”.

Then the insert lists the LETHAL DOSES (LD50) and LETHAL CONCENTRATIONS (LC50) to kill certain animals like “rats”, “rabbits” and “fish”.

The “50” means that only approximate 50% of the animals would die at this specific amount or concentration…

There are other encouraging statements in it, like…





Not to mention the detailed warnings about “First Aid Measures”.

BioSciences, the producer of the Mosquito “pesticide”, is part of the Valent Group of Companies and the Valent Group is owned by SUMITOMO Chemical.

That means that SUMITOMO CHEMICAL owns BioSciences who is responsible for the chemical that they do spray now all over the US in huge amounts..


The biggest shareholder is “BlackRock”. Then there is also “The VanGuard Group”.

As always, it’s about the money. Think about the huge amounts of VectoBac that they are using all over the United States.

It’s for sure very lucrative but NOT very healthy for humans.

Some articles about the dangers and effectiveness of mosquito pesticide spraying.

An interview with experts: Are backyard mosquito sprays safe and effective?

Effects of mosquito sprays on humans, pets, and wildlife

(Mosquito Spraying — the next outrageous health threat?!)

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