Shawn Skelton is not doing well!

Shawn Skelton

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First and foremost I would like to express that the latest video of Shawn Skelton makes me angry, and very sad at the same time. This poor woman is real and her story is outrageous. It’s really difficult for me to to accept that many pro-vaccine people are able to dismiss stories like this as fake when it’s actually pretty easy to find out that Shawn Skelton is totally real.

They sacrifice people for the greater good on their vaccine altar!

Please be advised that her latest video is really disturbing.

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO of Shawn Skelton! She should not suffer in vain.

That’s Shawn at the beginning of this year when she just got the 2nd shot.

Proof that she is real: The C.D.C. looked into her case and obviously as always they don’t think it’s vaccine related…

“EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Shawn Skelton, the Oakland City woman who went viral with Facebook claims that a COVID-19 vaccine caused her uncontrollable shaking and tongue spasms, is home from the hospital.

Saying she was discharged from Deaconess Orthopedic Neuroscience Hospital with body shaking that doesn’t stop and still no answers, Skelton said Tuesday she doesn’t know what lies ahead. She said an MRI, CT scan and blood cultures failed to produce anything.

“I have no hope so far,” she said. “I’m praying a lot.”


  1. Thank you for your efforts in trying to raise awareness to the Genocidal attack we are all under,
    I for one appreciate all your efforts.

  2. I’m tell you folks! They manner in which they started pushing this vaccine in 2020 should have been a HUGE red flag for everyone who has a damn brain! They make a new silly threat every day and people just cave in! This woman is unable to control her body but people actually believe the lie that Shawn Skelton just happened to become ill at the same time she was vaccinated! Remeber when people were getting seriously ill from fluoroquinolone? That crap never should have been released! Thanks for reading my rant.

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