How much money do politicians get from the health sector? Will they stop mandatory mass vaccinations?

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Why do almost all politicians support mass vaccinations? The answer is unfortunately much too easy… because they get a lot of money from the health industry.

The following list was generated by using The mentioned amounts are donations made by the HEALTH sector.

Bernie Sanders – Dem – $2,052,050.00

Joe Biden – Dem – $1,330,186.00

Donald Trump – Rep – $1,797,878.00

Mike Pence – Rep – $1,003,645.25

Elizabeth Warren – Dem – $1,369,497.00

Nancy Pelosi – Dem – $454,745.00

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Dem – $34,965.00

Ted Cruz – Rep – $1,510,854.00

Pete Buttigieg – Dem – $1,870,719.00

Lindsey Graham – Rep – $514,197.00

Cory Booker – Dem – $525,164.00

Marco Rubio – Rep – $920,884.00

Mitt Romney – Rep – $148,350.00

Mitch McConnell – Rep – $2,748,789.00

I’ve looked up the most popular politicians in 2019 on the following website to generate this list. (

You will notice for sure that it doesn’t matter much to which party the politicians belong. Republicans or Democrats, they all get money directly from the health industry and of course this will influence their decisions.

This can only change after a ban of personal funding of politicians by corporations!

In Germany, for example, no big company or wealthy individual is allowed to donate money directly to a politician. Companies and private citizens have to donate it to the party and do not have any influence who will get the money. This limits the influence on certain decisions drastically. It’s also considered bribery and punishable by law if you actively try to influence political decisions.

How to find the above information:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the name
  3. Click on “Funding”
  4. Wait a few seconds for the information to show up

The truth about vaccines is actually out there. Provaxxers always argue that there is no study that shows the harmful effect of vaccines. This is just not true!

There are many studies publicly available in scientific databases that show the effect of vaccines, but nobody seems to read them. (

Here is another example: Richard Pan – Dem – $371,136.41

“An effort to recall Richard Pan, a member of the Democratic Party, from his elected position representing District 6 in the California State Senate was launched in May 2019. The recall petition was approved for circulation on August 26, 2019.[1] Supporters of the recall need to collect 61,224 valid signatures by February 3, 2020, to move the recall forward.

Pan is being targeted for his support of a bill that restricts vaccine medical exemptions. He was the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 276.[2] Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed the legislation on September 9.[3] Pan was targeted for recall in 2015 over his support of mandatory vaccinations. Supporters of the recall did not submit signatures before the deadline.[4] Read more on that recall effort here.

Pan was elected to District 6 in the state Senate in 2014. He was re-elected in 2018 with 69.5% of the vote.” Read more:,_California_State_Senate_(2019)

All this should not be a partisan issue. No matter the party, almost all politicians are getting donations from the “health sector” – and they all follow the money.

Some seem to leave the traditional path, and do not just follow the herd, but in the end it only matters if they prevent legislation for and fight against mandatory vaccinations.

The below mentioned link leads to a very partisan article. It’s not a good idea to divide the discussion into left and right. Parents of vaccine injured kids should work together no matter the party. The article shows that there is a powerful right-wing lobbying group called ALEC pushing for mandatory vaccines.

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