Scientific data shows the actual truth – and it’s just crazy!

Scientific data shows the actual truth

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Below you find excerpts of SCIENTIFIC studies based on actual scientific data proving the impact of vaccines on our society!

Even though there is already enough empirical proof of vaccine injuries many people are still blindly believing the rebuttals of the pharmaceutical industries. Most of the time you will hear that there is “no scientific proof of serious adverse effects of vaccines”. This is complete nonsense!

The problem is that we live in a time of too much available information. So it’s difficult to see through the jungle of information and misinformation.

In fact the scientific proof of dangerous side effects of vaccines is already available on scientific platforms!

The goal of this page is to give you the scientific sources for every statement of the resistance against vaccines.

For some people the scientific information might be too detailed, while it is the only way to convince others about the dangers of vaccines.

The founder of this web site studied physics and chemistry. Scientific work producing scientific data is important and necessary – until some companies try to bend the truth by donating huge amounts of money to certain scientific institutes. In other words: A dog will not bite the guy who feeds him.

But the truth is already out there… please find some of it below.

We used a presentation of and researched the according scientific studies.

DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations increase the odds of Allergies in children by 1.63 x.


Hepatitis B Vaccines increase the odds of Special Education by 8.63 x.


Hepatitis B Vaccines increase the odds of Autism 3 x.


Flu shots increase the odds of NON-Flu infection 4.4 x.


DTP Vaccines increase mortality in girls 10 x.


Vaccination of preemies increased odds of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6.6 x.


Vaccination increases risk of Allergic Rhinitis 30 x, Allergy 3.1 x, ADHD 4.2 x, Autism 4.2 x, Eczema 2.9 x, Learning Disability 5.2 x and Neurodevelopmental Disorders 3.7 x.


Vaccination increases Type I Diabetes 3 x.


HPV vaccine increase the odds of Asthma 8.01 x.


Vaccination coverage in healthcare workers in Italy is very low!

The vaccination rate of healthcare professionals is very low in many countries. E.g. look up the actual numbers in Italy. For the HPV vaccine it is 1.9%!!! Those guys know why!


DTP vaccine can double the mortality rate of children!

“… all studies that documented vaccination status and followed children prospectively have indicated that DTP has harmful effects; in a 2016 meta-analysis of eight studies (6), they found a doubling in mortality for DTP-vaccinated compared with DTP-unvaccinated…”

Professor DrMedSci MSc Peter C. Gøtzsche – Denmark


157 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link

Media reports have claimed that there is no scientific evidence supporting the link between vaccines and autism. Here we provide for the reader research that demonstrates links between vaccines and autism, and the mechanisms by which vaccines can cause autism. (Uploaded by Ginger Taylor)

This list will be continued!

Please have a look at the presentation of Children’s Health Defense:

Scientific data should be acquired by independent research, unfortunately this is not the case. Please read:


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