If terrific corruption of science is no proof, then what?

Vaccination Side Effects

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Corruption of science

After experiencing the horrific side effects of the HPV vaccination I did a lot of research.

Besides thousands of other parents with HPV vaccine injured children I’ve found something really despicable, and most people do not know about it.

One of the main reasons why the vaccine-injured do not believe so called vaccine scientists anymore is because they obviously do almost nothing to find out where all the side effects are coming from. Mostly they completely ignore us, and call our experiences “anecdotal” without ever taking them seriously. Not even or especially not when children are dying after certain vaccinations.

Pro-vaccine people mostly argue that there is enough scientific proof that our personal experiences have no validity and are nothing else than personal delusions.

As a matter of fact the more you look into scientific vaccine studies the more you will find scientists that are in fact aware of vaccine side effects. Unfortunately those scientists are getting dismissed very often and their reputation is getting destroyed.

The pro-vaccine scientists and doctors on the other hand earn high salaries and get billions of dollars every year from the pharmaceutical industry. (1)

Nobody would argue that it is not kind of normal to please an employer who provides your livelihood.

Actually almost all universities, colleges, science labs, doctors and hospitals are getting high donations, incentives or perks from the pharmaceutical industry. Pro-vaccine people do not find anything suspicious about that.

Surprisingly when it comes to “vaccine science” most pro-vaccine people argue that this is done without any influence from the very same companies that are paying the bills. This is not plausible at all, but I will show you two examples that I would classify as outright corruption.

The long-term CDC director (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) who was in charge when the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) was put on the recommendation list in the United States was Julie Gerberding. (2)

Corruption of Science
Julie L. Gerberding

More or less right after doing that she got hired by the producer of Gardasil (Merck) and got millions of dollars in shares of the company. (6)

She is still working for Merck (3), and while some would argue that this might be a coincidence, it just doesn’t smell right.

The question is, would you still consider this a coincidence if it would have happened in other countries too?

It was actually easy to find another one.

In Germany the so called StIKo (Ständige Impfkommission = Vaccine Recommendation Gremium) was led for many years by Heinz-Josef Schmitt who also got hired by the pharmaceutical company Novartis right after putting Gardasil on the recommendation list. (4)

Heinz-Josef Schmitt (left) / Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission (middle)

In my opinion this is nothing else than corruption and should be punished by law.

At least politicians could do something to prevent this in the future but their interest in this outrageous subject is just not existent. “Maybe” it’s because they are also getting hundreds of million dollars as campaign donations in every single year. (5)

As long as politicians and medical scientists are allowed to get huge sums of money from the industry, that they should somehow control and supervise, nothing will change.

What we need are politicians willing to fix this dependency and to lead our society back to a real human social caring community. 

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Please also have a look at the Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects World Map !!!


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  1. I agree. Vaccine injuries are hush-hush, ignored and shuffled off into the corner, while doctor’s and politicians who sell their souls for money and are esteemed, trusted and reputable. The world we are living in is upside down. People need to wake up to the big pharma racketeering and start to question these things. The level of corruption is so deep that if knew the extent of it, we might faint at first, but hopefully the knowledge would ultimately bring an end to these bed partners…and justice!

    • Truth always prevails. Often it takes time, but they will not be able to shut us down anymore when unfortunately more and more people experience the same injuries after vaccinations. It is unfathomable how they got away with that for so long. I just had a look into the vaccination passports of my family yesterday and found more “anecdotal” coincidences… as soon as you are aware of it, you think “How is it possible that I’ve never noticed it?” We actually blindly trusted doctors. We were like little babies not yet aware that you can’t trust every adult who offers you candy… At least we are on the right path now.

  2. It’s heartbreaking and Infuriating to see the way parents and people are treated after they report a vaccine injury in their child or in themselves. The level of denial, dismissing and gas lighting isn’t fair when these people put trust in their doctors recommendations and followed their advice. I wish they would take some responsibility for the devastation they’ve caused, but that doesn’t happen😢

    I appreciate your articles and information so much.

    • Thank you Amy! We do live in a crazy world and I think the only way to get back to normal is to tell our stories.
      At some point we will be the majority, unfortunately because vaccine injuries are so common. The tide will turn.

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